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Trench and mulch all ornamental beds with a quality hardwood mulch or EPA approved dyed mulch  between February 1st and April 15th

Irrigation System will be activated in April and monitored on a bi-weekly basis for adjustments due to changing weather patterns.

Mowing Season runs from April through about Mid-December. This will include policing the entire lawn prior to mowing, cutting with regularly sharpened blades at 3.5" height, string trim and edge when and where necessary to maintain a well kept appearance. In conjunction with these weekly mowing operations the following services will be included;

Application of selective post herbicide as needed for weed control in turf areas (as weather permits).

Regular weeding of ornamental beds either by hand or with a non-selective post herbicide (as weather permits).

Blowing grass and debris left from mowing operations from curbs, sidewalks, porches, decks and driveway.

About mid-December the winter maintenance program begins with bi-weekly visits to blow debris from walkways and driveway.

Trimming shrubbery and ornamental trees bi-monthly during growing season to a neat appearance.

Insecticide applied as necessary to control insect infestations.

Fungicide for all turf areas will be applied in late June and July. Spot treatment for turf funguses will be applied as needed.

Leaf Removal from all turf areas will begin as leaves fall and continue until complete, at this time leaves will be removed from all ornamental beds.

Core aeration will take place in September or October. All turf areas will be aerated twice, once horizontally and once vertically.

Overseeding will take place immediately after core aeration with a quality tall-type fescue transition mixture.

Fertilization will take place with one application each in September, October, and December with a slow release type.

Irrigation system will be winterized between mid-October to mid-November.