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 Cut & Trim Turf  -  WEEKLY (Irrigated or Non-Irrigated)
 Cut & Trim Turf  -  Bi-Weekly (Every Two Weeks)(Non-Irrigated) 
 Mulching - Double -Shredded Hardwood (Holds color for about 45 days)
 Mulching - Brown Dyed (Holds color for about 5+ months)
 Trench Beds prior to Mulching
 Fall seeding in the Fall
 Turf Aeration    
 Turf Pre-Emergent Weed Control Program
 Ornamental Bed & Curb Weed Control        
 Yearly Soil Testing 
 Irrigation - Spring Startup
 Irrigation - Fall Winterization
 Leaf Removal - (Disposed of On-Site)
 Leaf Removal - (Removed from Site)
 Ornamental Shrub & Tree Pruning
 Late Winter Crape Myrtle Pruning
 Late Winter Ornamental Grass Pruning
 Mid-Summer Iron application (Greens Turf up for about Three Weeks)
 Turf Fertilization Program


The following services are available "a-la-carte" do to their broad seasonal swings. These services are only performed with prior approval for the client.

Turf Fungus Control

Irrigation Maintenance


Post In-Turf Weed Control (Weeds have already started to grow)

Spring Color

Fall Color

Grub Control

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